Improving the Metabolism

Including some activity like abdominal stretches in your working day will boost your metabolism, which can otherwise slow down if you are inactive especially if you are also on a diet. Serious about weight loss there are positive steps you can take from the moment you wake up to the  end of the  day and following a metabolism friendly diet.

To boost your metabolism and good weight loss, just a fast metabolism diet would not suffice. Avoid alcohol to fasten your metabolism as well as daily exercise is needed in your day-to-day life. If you work in an office, you probably sit behind a desk or computer screen all day. You may feel sluggish or lethargic on waking or feel that you cannot function without constant caffeine boosts. But the best pick-me-up at any time of the day is some gentle exercise like ankle mobility stretches. The exercises shown here can be practised anywhere and at any time, without the need for a lot of space, expensive equipment, or too much spare time.

7 am

As soon as you get out of bed perform some simple stretches, such as the two on this page, to start your blood flowing and warm up joints and muscles. Try to hold each stretch for 8-10 seconds but relax slowly if you begin to feel tense or sore.


Stand with your feet apart. Keeping your chest lifted and your stomach pulled in, take a step forward with your left leg, keeping it straight. Bend your right knee and lean forward from the hips, lowering your chest toward your right thigh. Hold the stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

At first, you may find it difficult to stretch as far as you feel you should but don’t worry, it is important not to push your muscles too far and to stop if you feel any pain. With daily perseverance, you will quickly notice a marked improvement in your suppleness and energy levels, as well as in your mental agility.

It may be a good deal easier for you to adopt an exercise routine successfully if you get the support of your work colleagues. Try and get them to join in as much as possible.


Stand with your feet hip width apart, your back straight and your bead in line with your spine. Lift your arms above your head and reach as far upwards as you can with your palms touching. To extend the stretch further, ease your arms back slightly. Repeat twenty times.

8 AM

Find a more energetic way to get to work. Try to avoid In driving your car if possible. Can you walk to a railway station? If you catch a bus, can you walk briskly for 20 minutes to a bus stop further from your home? Do some gentle Stretches as you walk swing your arms and flex your fingers by opening and closing your hand as a fist. You can also use this time to become aware of how your body feels as it moves and which movements work which muscles.

At the office, use the stairs rather than the lift to get to your floor and keep using the stairs throughout the day a you have to run errands between floors. Try to pace your climb so you are not exhausted at the end of it.

9 AM

Worst Foods for Metabolism

Below are the best and worst foods for metabolism and weight loss as they either slow down the process or help fasten it. The slow metabolism die may not only just harm the body but hurts yours weight loss motivation.

Guilty Pleasure Metablic Killers

.Fried in deep oils with loads Mayonese ad Sauces all rich in preservatives and chemically prepared additives to give you eating pleasure.

Just Not Weight Gain

Metabolic Killer and No.1 source of highly toxic substance waves many internal red flags to your body’s digestive system

Choose Whole Grains instead of Refined Grains

Say no to pasta, bread, and pizzas as Metabolic Killers


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