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Is Your Weight Healthy

The decision to begin a weight-loss programme needs to be taken with care. You just assess the right relation between diet meals, Life style choices and Healthy Weight.

Assessing the reasons before going for a diet plan and why you are unhappy with your weight, examining your general health and well-being, and recognising a distinction between your own body shape and unrealistic images promoted by society, are important first steps to take.

Diet Meals and Weight Loss

Are their any easiest diets to lose weight really fast? No! but if you insist we call them short term and really dangerous! Weight and Health are way of life and with our lifestyle changes these short term measures impose risks to ones health

It is important to recognise the extent to / which our perception of ideal and best  quick weight loss is influence by fashion, advertising and the media or when you are shown a diet plan to lose weight. The weight loss image advertisement (before and after) presented to society are not always representative of recognised healthy body weight statistics and can some-times be startlingly different. Make sure that your goal and perception of best way to lose weight is realistic, and not just an idea of how you would like to look — an attempt to attain an unrealistic body shape is bound to fail and may even be dangerous.

Body weight  in 1930 vs 1960

A study by the University Central Hospital in Helsinki, Finland, found that before the 1950s the calculated percentage of ‘body fat’ shown on mannequins was within a desirably healthy range. Since the 1950s, however, they have gradually become too thin to be representative of a healthy weight. By 1960 (right) impossibly narrow waists and hips and thin thighs had replaced the more realistic pear-shape of the 1930s (left). Unfortunately, the 1960 figure is still in vogue today.


Under stand the relation between age, your image and height healthy weight. It not always by book. Optimum BMIs conceptions are arrived at by measuring mortality against weight for height. Even though mortality risks vary from country to country, it is possible to say that the optimum BMI for both men and women is between 20 and 25. with a BMI greater than 30 are as obese and should lose weight for the benefit of their health. if your BMI is within the appropriate for your weight and height but you still want to improve your shape, exercises to tone the particular part of the you are unhappy with may be more worthwhile than trying to lose weight.

The ideal ‘attractive’ body image changes over time and varies between cultures. In the West at present the favoured shape is thin and there has been a great deal of speculation as to why this should be so. Since the 1950s there has been a marked increase in leisure time, travel and outdoor pursuits.

Fashion Industry & Weight Loss

The fashion industry has been blamed for preferring their clothes to be modelled on very thin models. Designers argue back that cloths simply look better on a thin, broad-shoulder- body type and that they are committed to marketing their designs in the most effective way

Activities and diet program for weight loss

Many fashion commentators feel that activities such as swimming, tennis and travel, once restricted to the privileged classes, have been responsible for promoting the slim look as women strive to attain a figure suitable for public display at the beach, pool or gym. Others argue that society has come to associate desirability with youth. The slim, adolescent figure has become the ideal, and models as young as 15 set the standards for the ideal figure.

Improving the Metabolism

7 am As soon as you get out of bed perform some simple stretches, such as the two on this page, to start your blood flowing and warm up joints and muscles. Try to hold each stretch for 8-10 seconds but relax slowly if you begin to feel tense or sore. HAMSTRING STRETCH FOR METABOLISM […]

Why You Should Lose Weight

The journey to weight loss starts with the right motivating factors . Your primary weight loss motivation should be to improve your health

Weight Management: Factors that Affects Long Term Weight Loss

Understand the Physiology Of Weight Control. There are many physiological reasons that have contributed to making you the weight you now are. There are no set rules for losing weight when it comes to human body. You can not lose weight by only boosting your metabolism. Things that you have no control plays important rule […]

How Much Do You Know About Weight Control

Short term meal plan for weight loss or exercises for fast weight loss are the biggest misconceptions for permanent weight control.

Rapid Weight Loss: Are There Any Short Cuts

Why have i regained Weight After Rapid Weight Loss? We are often hear complaints that “Why have i regained weight after … “. Strict dieting can often produce rapid weight loss, and many people sign up for a variety of programmes and classes, often based around meal substitutes, to get results in just weeks. Majority […]

Why Drastic Weight Loss?

Whatever the reasons behind society’s fixation with slimness, the idea is reinforced in almost every aspect of daily life through advertising and the media. Images of flat-stomached, adolescent girls seen on bill-boards and buses, and in magazines, television and film everything from holidays to cheese. Subconsciously, we receive the message that being thin will make us more desirable, successful and happy. ‘But fashions can change. The history of Western art shows that up until very recently ideal female beauty was represented by significantly rounder women. Venus de Milo would be considered to have large thighs and to be in need of some tummy firming exercises. Rubens’ nudes re even more voluptuous, and Renoir’s women are uniformly plump.


Optimum weight for an individual may vary ewer time. There are many physiological changes that affect weight during a lifetime and for women there are die added effects of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the menopause.

From birth to childhood

As there is little data on how weight gain during the early years of life relates to long term health, it is difficult to give precise healthy weight figures for children. But it is important to monitor your child’s growth awl health so that you can identify when weight problems are sufficiently severe to warrant seeking medical advice.

 The chart overleaf shows average growth rates from birth to adolescence. However, since children differ in their genetic potential for growth, a group of normal children of the same age will vary in weight and height. But a normal child should not be greatly dissimilar to other children of the same age.  If you feel any cause for concern discuss it with your doctor. With obese children, it is important to ensure that they have a healthy balanced diet which maintains a constant weight. This will allow normal growth to continue whereas more severe measures to produce weight loss can interfere with this process. As the child gains height, they should effectively ‘grow into their weight’.

From adolescence to adulthood Weight and height increases at a steady rate throughout childhood until the onset of puberty, when there is a sudden growth spurt. Extra food is required at this time to fuel the development of muscle, bone and other tissues. This growth spurt continues until the late teens when bone grovth tails off and little extra muscle is put on, unless muscle building exercise is carried out. Girls lay down extra fat in adolescence which is distributed to help develop female characteristics like fuller breasts and rounded hips. Some adolescents put on extra weight due to a sedentary lifestyle; this may lead to a weight problem that lasts into adulthood unless steps are taken to exercise regularly while following a healthy, balanced diet.


SOCIAL RULES The fashion world’s obsession with the `super-waif figure, and the subsequent media saturation, has been directly linked to the increase in eating disorders seen in much of the developed world.

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