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Why You Should Lose Weight

The journey to weight loss starts with the right motivating factors . Your primary weight loss motivation should be to improve your health

How to lose weight by numbers will much depend on how best you have reviewed yourself. It is vital to assess weight loss reasons behind your motivation to start a weight-loss plan. Your primary considerations should be how you can improve your health and general well-being.

Unfortunately, many people adopt the wrong attitude to a weight-loss plan, often deciding to lose weight purely because they believe it will make them look more attractive. A more sensible approach is to recognise that your physical and psychological health is paramount and any weight-control plan should give priority to these considerations.

4 Reasons Why Weight Loss Is Catching on

Achieve Like a Pro. Why You Must Lose

  1. Keep Your Skinny Cloths

Feel the pride! Achieve the goal. For some, wanting to lose weight can be as simple as finding that favourite clothes no longer fit. This can be a valid reason, but you should also consider to what degree an in activity might help; for example, exercises that tone the stomach muscles may w be all that is needed if the waistbands of increase your clothes have grown a little too tight.

  1. Get that attention After weight loss

Many people strongly associate being overweight with being unattractive and some it as contributing to relationship problems, poor job prospects and reduced quality life, and believe that weight loss will greater self-esteem. But the challenges and difficulties in life are far too complex to be resolved simply by a change in image and if this is the thinking behind weight-loss programme, it may be doomed to failure from the start as the goal is too high to be realistically achieved.

  1. Think of Those Health Benefits

It’s important to think of weight control in terms of the health benefits associated, with being within the recommended weight range for your age and height. Reducing the fat content of your diet and increasing activity are sensible, achievable steps to take that will help control weight and improve general health and well-being. For some people weight loss is essential for health reasons. For those with a BMI between 25 and 30, weight loss is advisable when other health risk factors are present: if you are a heavy smoker or drinker, for example, or if you stiffer from hypertension or diabetes.

  1. Get Out of Those Difficult Social Situations

Severely obese people can have difficulties in social situations because of their physical size. If they cannot fit into normal, size chairs, they are virtually excluded from attending social events such as the theatre or cinema or even travelling by public  transport unless they stand. These penalties lead to an increase in the social isolation already felt by the obese person.

You are obese , if your BMI is over 30 – your health will benefit from even modest, but sustained, weight loss.

Think Serious! lose weight

  • Think of Yourself staying healthy and inching away from cancer risk.
  • You stay sharp In Shape and More Socially smart.
  • You could put better fight to many disease and recover faster.
  • Cardio Strong and active.
  • No Depression and Stress less.
  • Your workouts are easier and more fun.
  • Enjoy better lifestyle and medically fit life.

This focus on improvement in appearance as the answer to life’s problems is in many ways understandable. It is, after all, how the media encourage us to see the world.

Celebrity Weight Loss Inspiration

Adele weight loss 2020
Popular singer Adele has recently lose 100 lbs. This clearly was a result of lifestyle as well as diet and exercise

How did Adele lose weight

Adele did no one thing not just strict diet or exercise it was whole lot of motivational factors that played the role to what she is today. Months of training that Adele did with exercises and life style change helped her lose weight In a slow and steady weight. Adele’s diet plan wasn’t just calories but cutting out toxic and processed food and drinks.

Health risks of Being Obese

Weight Loss & High Blood Pressure

Do we think of risks when we do not take weight loss seriously. The main cause of premature death among obese people is heart disease: hypertension, coronary thrombosis and congestive heart failure are all significantly more common among obese people than among those with a healthy weight. In fact, obesity in women is one of the best predictors of heart disease after age and existing high blood pressure, as weight gain significantly increases some important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, specifically cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and blood pressure.

Obesity & Diabetes

 Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus NIDDM) is a major cause of death in obese people. Think of weight loss from someone’s perspective who is more than 40 per cent above his average weight is 5.2 times more likely to die of diabetes than a man of healthy weight; for women, the ratio is 7.9 for a similar degree of excess weight.

Obesity And Gallstones

Obese people are more likely to get gallstones, because their bile and excess adipose tissue (the body’s connective tissue that stores fat) contains a lot of cholesterol. Adipose tissue is a source of aromatase, the enzyme system that converts androgens (male sexual characteristic hormone) to oestrogens (female sexual characteristic hormone).

Infertility & Weight

Consequently, obese people have a higher circulating level of estrogens compared with people of healthy weight. This probably explains why obese women have more menstrual problems, higher incidence of infertility, and irregular periods. It may also explain the increased prevalence of sex hormone-sensitive cancers in obese women, such as malignant rumours of the breast, ovary, endometrium and cervix.

It’s Time to Lose Some weight

If you are getting any of the following conditions and you are obese its time to do some serious weight loss.

  1. Do you feel fast often heart rate
  2. Do you get anxiety attacks
  3. Do you feel fatigue with little works
  4. Do you get sleep troubles

Psychological Consequences Of Being Overweight

People who are overweight often suffer more from depression and low self-esteem than those of healthy weight. The strength of the stigma and distress associated with being overweight was illustrated by a study conducted in the United States in 1991 that looked at the morbid fear of weight regain in patients who had once been obese, but following surgery had lost weight and successfully maintained this weight loss for at least three years.

In spite of the strong tendency for people to evaluate their own worst handicap as less disabling than other handicaps, patients said they would prefer to be an ideal weight with a major handicap (deaf, dyslexic, diabetic, legally blind, very had acne, heart disease, or even one leg amputated) than to he extremely obese. All patients said they would rather be an ideal weight with the income they have now than an extremely obese multi-millionaire.

When you don’t lose weight feelings of embarrassment and self-hate about being overweight can lead to reduced physical activity and an increased feeling of isolation and insularity, which may cause a slide into depression.

Social Situations

Severely obese people can have difficulties in social situations because of their physical size. If they cannot fit into normal, size chairs, they are virtually excluded from attending social events such as the theatre or cinema or even travelling by public  transport unless they stand. These penalties lead to an increase in the social isolation already felt by the obese person.

Burning Off Calories With Swimming

Swimming is an excellent cardio respiratory exercise with regards to weight loss benefits. It tones many problem areas of the body, and as it is non-weight-hearing it is ideal for pregnant women and people with joint or hack pain.

Muscle Groups Swimming Benefits

Helps strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Works the upper arms and pectoral muscles — breast stroke also works the thighs.


 Goggles will prevent eye irritation from chlorine.


Twenty minutes of continuous swimming will burn about 170 calories.

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